leslie maxwell grosser

Leslie Maxwell Grosser, born on 7th October, 1918, in Adelaide, Australia to Florence and Emil August Grosser.

Raised in Thebarton, at Thebarton GPS and graduate of the School of Mines, Adelaide, majoring in Geology & Chemistry.

Serving in the South Australian Railways during WWII, producing tanks and munitions. Overseeing the introduction of deisel-electric trains with stainless-steel bodies, that developed into an interest with distillation and viticulture. Associate Member of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute.

As a Chemical Engineer wrought many innovate techniques in food processing, wine and juice production in Australia, throughout Victoria and New South Wales as a member of Mauri Brothers & Thompson Ltd. (MBT).  As Chemical Engineer consulted to the Commonwealth Government, in the first Australian morphine-plant in Hobart, Tasmania in the mid-1970's.


Served some years, upon retirement, as a private consultant to MBT and the The World Bank (TWB). Particularly the TWB intiatives to reinvest, better resources for food and transport, in Manila and throughout the Philippines during the early 1980's.  Also served in Rwanda, Africa for the WBT, late 1980's.

Currently, working on a Grosser Family history (in-progress) and private memoirs.  Retiring member of the Manly-Warringah Regional Council and actively engaged as a an official member of the Balgowlah Lions for 30 years.  Principal in the Balgowlah Lions Driver-Training Scheme.

Loving Husband to Gwenda; Father to David, Christopher & Richard; Grandparent to Michelle, Mark, Andrew; Carl, Elise, Clare; Emilia & Sai.

Responsible for: My love of books, science, mystery and holism.

Leslie Maxwell Grosser
Gwenda Jean Grosser

(Updated 24/10/98)  ...HAPPY 80th, Dad!